Community Testimonials

Enjoy these comments and testimonials that the Ann Arbor Kirtan community has so kindly shared with us.
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"The very first time that I participated in Kirtan chanting, I had a realization that my musical path was going to take a complete turn into this mysterious and exhilarating territory! I knew nothing about Kirtan and turned to the Internet to find some answers. Right away "Ann Arbor Kirtan" came up in my search and the song book, that they so sweetly share with the world, became a great resource and inspiration for me. It was also clear that this was a group of devoted beings who were sharing their love and devotion with so many - exactly what I was feeling called to do! Thank you Ann Arbor Kirtan for being such an early beacon and inspiration for me on my Bhakti Yoga Path. Pranams and Gratitude to you all." 
~ Brenda McMorrow

" I just wanted to let you all know that I absolutely loved the songs "Sri Krishna", "Rama Bolo", and "He Ma Durga." They were all so beautiful and heart opening. Wow. I can't wait to come back!"

"Thank you so much for the lovely Krishna Rama duo chant with the harmony last night. It was so beautiful I felt like crying with joy! It would be wonderful to have that chant posted on the web site some day. Please do it again."


"I just recently discovered this website, and your kirtan chant recordings are so incredibly beautiful and full of passion. I live in New Jersey, and unfortunately I know of no local kirtan groups. But being able to listen to your recordings online are simply magical and help me to feel like I am there. I wanted to know if your group has a CD of your recorded chants. If not, I would highly recommend producing one, as I would love to be able to purchase such a CD and be able to listen to these beautiful chants when I am not at my computer. Thank you so much for your beautiful kirtan. Love and Light."

"Hey thanks so much for adding the two new chants lead by Gerhard Fankhauser and Einat Gilboa last month. Both mantras were in my head for a full week after the kirtan and I am so happy to be able to hear them whenever the mood strikes me now!"

"My wife and I thoroughly enjoy the time we spend with you at the kirtan. Aside from the beautiful music-making and the chanting by all of us, knowing that no one is proselytizing is the very best part: each of us comes to the evening bringing whatever we want - and leaving at the end with whatever we choose to take away with us. Thanks again for providing such a beautiful space for all of us to share with you and each other."
Jeff R.

"I have been focusing on all areas of my health, physical spiritual, mental, and emotional. In the past year, I have become much more open spiritually and became willing to explore areas new to me for spiritual growth. I was invited by a friend to attend the Ann Arbor Kirtan. Words definitely do give the description of what I felt justice. For 2 solid hours I forgot everything else in the world. I didn’t go over my ongoing to-do list in my head, think about my job, kids, or anything else for that matter. My mind was focused on the chant. My soul vibrated with the music. The music was like a dance inside my body. I actually wanted to get up and dance but didn’t think it was allowed. I was affected mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I didn’t have my glasses so I couldn’t read the information you provided. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. The second time I went I was able to read the chants and focus in prayer/meditation of my interpretation of their meaning."

"I attended last night's chant and am still buzzing... Ram Ram Sita Ram! Thank you for such powerful chanting while other members of the group were on vacation."

"The first kirtan chant I went to was at Sun Moon Yoga a couple of years ago. When I went to the Friends Meeting House Kirtan Chanting in January, I found that the sense of community that I felt the first time was not a fluke.... The best kind of meditation I've experienced. Thank you for being in AA."

"Thank you for creating this wonderful site!"

"Thanks and keep up the good work."
Dr. MA

"Thank you so much for putting on Kirtan. It is such a wonderful experience! I constantly invite people to that as I do to the Universal Dance of Peace. Blessings to you and all those who join in this effort!"

"Thanks again for such a wonderful service and a spiritual performance! Namaste!"

"Thank you for your music... This is an update on how your music is helping healing a serious hurt in Copenhagen. What was left to subtlety is more apparent now to the viewer. Jaya Jagatamba is one of my favorite chants. Please keep my in your hearts... Again, thank you for the inspiration.

"I just visited your website after a few months, and it's really looking nice! Lots of info, and you are easy to find with a google search for kirtan in Ann Arbor. Keep up the great work! :) All love."

"May I purchase a copy of your chanting Om Nama Shivaya? It is simply amazing and wonderful! Namaste."