Ann Arbor Holiday Kirtan 2012

Ann Arbor Holiday Kirtan 2012

Ann Arbor Kirtan

IMPORTANT NOTE: These recordings contain binaural audio, and as such, headphones must be used to get the full spatial effect as experienced by the participants / audience members. In order to remind the listener of this, the phrase "[Optimized For Headphones]" will appear in the TITLE of each mp3 when played in your mp3 player / smart-phone / tablet, etc.

Additionally, these recordings have been engineered to maintain the proper track-to-track loudness. That is, the tracks that seem loudest ("Om Mata Kali" and "Rama Bolo") were the loudest during the performance, and conversely, the tracks that are quietest were the quietest performances; this was done to preserve the natural dyanmics and ebb and flow of energy during the event.

Recorded live, December, 2012, Ann Arbor Friends Meeting House, Ann Arbor, MI., USA. Engineering, mixing, and mastering by Mark A. Jay, Immersifi recording Services.

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