About Ann Arbor Kirtan

Ann Arbor Kirtan is a not-for-profit group of volunteer musicians and singers, coming from a variety yoga disciplines, who engage in chanting as a spiritual practice. We facilitate free public devotional music events as a service to our local and global communities. Our hope is to provide an ongoing opportunity to invite people from all backgrounds to share in the experience of kirtan and devotional music.
Most of all, Ann Arbor Kirtan is about you- the community of participants who offer your wonderful chorus of heartfelt voices to the experience. In essence, you are the "Ann Arbor Kirtan Choir", and we wouldn't be here without you. We encourage your continued participation and support and hope you'll share the experience of kirtan with others.

Kirtan has been practiced for hundreds of years to create a healing space conducive to calming the mind, meditation, and community spirit. Ann Arbor Kirtan members play Indian and western instruments and melodies, including tabla, harmonium, cello, guitar, dulcimer, tambura, flute, cymbals, an assortment of drums, and also provide a lead vocalist who sings the call-line of the chant. The chorus of participants sing the same line in response and the chant goes on like this, usually gaining speed, until the lead vocalist brings it to an end.

In an effort to make kirtan available to the broadest range of people some or all the members of Ann Arbor Kirtan may be available to facilitate a kirtan program for your community, organization, festival, studio, etc. Please contact us with your proposal and we'll do our best to accommodate you.